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Drink Real Water

Taste and Feel the difference!

x2o is the most advanced water available today.  Through a proprietary process.  x2o is Alkalized, Antioxidant, Electrolytes ~ Ultra Cellular Hydration.

Most bottled water have two major problems.  1) It is acidic and 2) it is positive (+) ionized.  According to many n
utritionists, an acidic body environment is unhealthy.  The opposite is an alkalized body that actually helps to promote good health.  The second problem is most water is positively (+) ionized because the water molecules have been stripped of valuable electrons (-).  This causes the water molecules share electrons and clump together. These clumped molecules are NOT easily absorbed on a cellular level.

As an added benefit, the free electrons act as an Antioxidant to neutralize free radicals.  So, to truly hydrate at the cellular level use x20 mineral packs in your water.

Ingredients:  Highly Active Calcium 947 mg, Magnesium 34 mg, Trace Minerals 14 mg, trace of Silver.

First Time Buyer Special Buy 2 Get 1 Free for $50

Health Protocol 2 Mineral Packs a Day for 90 Days.  Call me for a personal consultation for our recommended Health Protocol. Direct 801.557.1384

~ Joy Olsen 



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