WATER Protocol …

A 90-day Evaluation

Most people have found it to be useful to write down everything they can think of that measures their current state of health.  (blood pressure, body weight, indigestion, pain, amount of sleep, energy levels, etc.)  – and rate it on a scale of     1-10. Then, go back re-evaluate those same categories just 90 days later.

What to Expect

Did you ever start an exercise program?  Did you see huge benefits in just one day? A week?  Maybe it was months before you noticed positive difference like feeling fit, better energy, or lost weight.

So it’s time for more straight talk.

A 24 ounce bottle of x2o water every once in a while isn’t likely to show up on your health-meter.

First off, you’ve got many gallons (liters) of water in that body of yours. Secondly, the benefits of x2o, like exercise, can be quick in some area’s but are more gradual in most.  Fortunately, dropping an x2o “power-pack” into a bottle of water and waiting 5 minutes is a lot less effort than a heavy work out.

So do your body a HUGE favor.  Make this a daily habit, and give your 100 trillion cells what you need so badly.  There have been lots of people just like you who wouldn’t think of skipping a day of x2o anymore than they would eating or sleeping.

This is a Place to Start!


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